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How ADPC Helps Rescue

How ADPC Helps Rescue



A national Doberman Pinscher rescue was established in 1975 due to the sudden rise in registration of the breed. Due to irresponsible breeders and owners, literally thousands of Dobermans are still abandoned in shelters every year. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Bonding is not a problem with rescue dogs. Providing that a dog is loved and given consistent, gentle and fair guidance ,they bond with their new family.

How ADPC Helps Rescue

How ADPC Helps Rescue

How ADPC Helps Rescue



ADPC currently does not take in Dobermans from shelters or owner surrenders. ADPC does fundraising and raises funds to help licensed Doberman Rescues with medical bills related to high cost medical care.


How ADPC Helps Rescue




The Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Club has also established Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue as of February 7, 2006.  These are just some of the dogs we have helped.

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Dogs and Rescues We Have Helped


Capone From Doberman Rescue of Rockdale GA

Was very malnourished and Heartworm positive.


Jack Dempsey Doberman Rescue of Rockdale GA Jack was very malnourished, VWD positive, Wobblers Syndrome


Auriela  Second Chance Rescue Battleground WA 7mos old VWD positive, Wobblers Syndrome and Hip Dysplasia. Sadly She made it to rescue to late and passed away.


Faith Doberman Rescue League Inc Florida. Faith was malnourished and covered with mange.


Elliott Doberman Rescue of Nebraska Elliott was abused malnourished. His scares could tell a life time of stories only a year and a half old.


Meet Baby Sherman United Doberman Rescue Minnesota. Sherman was born into rescue. When he was 8 wks old he was adopted.  Then after 3 wks the families other dog attacked him. He had to have his eye removed, surgery for a broken jaw and has multiple bone fragments in his eye sockets.